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Are You Really Ready for College Series for Parents Survival Workshops will definitely quip you with necessary insider information to navigate the college system. 

Parent Involvement Workshops Topics:

  • Maximum Your PELL Grant
  • How to Coupon Your Child's College Tuition
  • Knowing Your Rights as Parent with College Students
  • Pay Less for College
  • Scholarship Secrets  

Targeted Audience: Parents of 7th -12th Graders





Book us for your next professional development training session. We take pride in sharing over 10 years of insider knowledge of the college system to ensure your students, parents, and staff are armed and ready to answer all college planning questions. We must warn you... our sessions are HIGHLY ENGAGING! We can't promise your team won't leave exhausted from dancing, laughing and FULL!  

  • Effectively Preparing Parents while helping Your Students
  • Effectively Assisting Helicopter Moms
  • Strategies to Boost Your Students ACT/SAT Scores


Are You Really Ready for College Series for Parents Survival Workshops will definitely quip you with necessary insider information to navigate the college system. 

Student Workshops Topics:

  • ACT/SAT Booster Courses (Virtual with LIVE Certified Instructors)
  • College Survival Strategies
  • Scholarship Secrets 
  • Community College vs University
  •  Transfer Scholarships

Financial Aid Assistance

Workshop designed to teach parents the correct way to complete the FASFA for college admission. The Top 5 Mistakes most parents make when completing the FASFA. Discuss the different types of grants available to offset cost of tuition. Discuss College savings plans such as 529 college savings plan.

Targeted Audience: Student 7th-12th grade and parents


College Search Session

Interactive workshop designed to assist parents and students in making the best decision about which college. Should I go to a community college? Should I go to a university? How much does it really cost?

Targeted Audience: Students grades 8th- 12th and parents

Student College Survival

Interactive workshop designed to prepare students for the college world. Subtopics: Time-management skills, college lingo, classroom etiquette, faculty/student relationships, college campus communication skills and social life, dorm room etiquette, student loan basics, scholarships secrets, and college search skills.

Targeted Audience: Students 7th-12th


Student Loan Truths

Designed to share the truth about student loan debt. What is a student loan? What are the different types of student loans? How much should I borrow? How to apply for loan forgiveness programs based on major and current profession.

Targeted Audience: 9th-12th and adults all ages

Parent College Survival

Interactive workshop designed to prepare parents for the college world. Subtopics: Top 5 Mistakes most parents make when completing the FAFSA, secret services on college level (Disability Services), FERPA (privacy rights for college students), college terminology, student loan basics, and time management.

Targeted Audience: Parents, educators, school counselors


Scholarship Secrets: Freshman/Transfer

Workshops designed to help students get as many scholarships as possible. What do colleges and universities really want to see on scholarships and transfer scholarships for current community college students.

By request: 1. Individualized scholarship search based on major college/university 2. Essay brainstorming ideas 3. Essay editing services

Targeted Audience: 8th-12th grade


Dual Enrollment Session

What is dual enrollment? How do I pay for dual enrollment? Where can I take courses for dual enrolment? How many classes can I take?

Targeted Audience: Grades 8th-12th and parents


Success Strategies for Teenage Parenting

Interactive Workshop/Individual Coaching Session. Many times we hire motivational speakers to come out and motivate; however, the girls are left to make daily decisions alone. What happens when the emotions wear off? This session include a mentoring component. Monthly visits for individualized coaching sessions. Coach will visit your child at school 2 days a week.

Targeted Audience: Teenage Parents (If you had a child during your teen years 13 years old-19 years old) and/or Parents of girl


Empowerment Session

Monchel Hollins, founder/owner of Hollins Educational Services will share her success story of how she transformed from a troubled teen, teenaged mother and wife, and first-generation college student growing up in a poverty-stricken environment. She will also share her proven steps to becoming successful using the Faith. Focus. Finish. Motto. She now owns her own business and works as an Academic Counselor at a local college.

Targeted Audience: 12 years and older


Latch-Key Kid Survival Session

Each day, millions of kids are home alone without adult supervision. Our sessions will provide both parents and children with the laws as it relates to latch-key kids. This interactive workshop will teach kids how to be responsible by providing safety tips, motivational sessions, and an individualized latch-key kid plan. Each student will create their individualized success and survival plan.

Targeted Audience: 12 years old and older; parents and students


Educational Consultant

Retention Strategies for Special Populations: As a first generational college student from a poverty-stricken household and with 10 years of experience working with special populations programs on the collegiate level, our company will bring a wealth of skills and personal experience increasing retention among special population.


Blinders Vision Program

BLINDERSVISION is a visionary’s favorite! We will bring your educational, life, and career goals to reality with our proven success system. Together, we will design and map out the blueprint to begin phase one of the vision building process. You will leave with step by step instructions on how to turn your visions into a reality. This program is designed to give students a blueprint of their future. During the session, students will create their very own binders during the session.